Our Staff

Legal Aid Society's staff is comprised of committed public service attorneys, paralegals, and non-profit administrators who fulfill our mission of pursuing justice for people in poverty.

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Neva-Marie Polley Scott

Executive Director

Management Team


Andrea Doyle

Executive Assistant

Kristie Clark

Director of Administration

Meredith Greenwell

Associate Director of Development and Communciations

Kelly Krucki

Chief Financial Officer

Julia Leist

Director of Development and Communications

Tracey Leo Taylor

Managing Attorney of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement

Stewart Pope

Advocacy Director

John Young

Managing Attorney of Intake and Limited Services

Community Development 

Lisa Killkelly, Staff Attorney

Eileen Ordover, Senior Attorney

Economic Stability

Stephanie Aldridge, Paralegal

Cassandra Kennedy, Staff Attorney

Nick Maraman, Senior Attorney

Melissa Weinstein, Staff Attorney

Jane Connell Young, Staff Attorney


Intake and Limited Services

Emma Badia, Paralegal

Jonathan Braden, Paralegal

Beverly DuVall, Paralegal

Ashley Gray-Ziba, Staff Attorney

Ashkan Rezai, Paralegal

Katherine Tate, Paralegal

Family Law

Simone Beach, Staff Attorney

Andrew Chandler, Research Fellow

Grace Chambers, Staff Attorney

Jennifer Frederick, Senior Attorney

Lori Goodwin, Staff Attorney

Josh Sanders, Paralegal

Ashley Vance, Paralegal

Tiffany Williams, Social Worker

Health and Vulnerable Populations

Aaron Markert, Paralegal​

Megan Metcalf, Legal Director (Doctors & Lawyers for Kids)

Jeff Staton, Senior Attorney

Ben Taylor, Staff Attorney (Doctors & Lawyers for Kids)

Liz Tate, Paralegal​

Housing and Government Benefits

Roy Berwick, Staff Attorney

Jeff Brown, Senior Attorney

Leslie Clemons, Staff Attorney

Kimberly Griffin, Paralegal

Lea Hardwick, Staff Attorney

Gwendolyn Horton, Staff Attorney

Kristi Miller, Paralegal

Emily Musson, Staff Attorney

Personal Safety​

Brenda Bacon, Paralegal

Tony Bergamini, Senior Attorney

Alicia LeCroy, Staff Attorney

Beth Robinson-Kinney, Senior Attorney​


Roy Berwick, Staff Attorney

Stephanie Willis, Senior Attorney

Lavontinae Watts, Paralegal

Volunteer Lawyer Program

Elizabeth Irish, Paralegal

Jenn Perkins, Staff Attorney

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